"There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million.

-Walt Streightiff-

child photographer capturing 1 year old cowboy riding a wooden horse
child photographer capturing 1 year old holding cowboy boots for picture
child photographer capturing boy in fishing boat prop fishing
mine children photographer capturing 1 year old boy wearing micky mouse hat
maine photographer with 1 year old boy with balloons
maine photographer with 1 year old boy wearing blue overalls
maine photographer with little boy sitting on a tiny wooden bed
maine child photographer capturing this smiley boy
1 year old boy wearing red overalls holding a baseball
1 year old with mickey mouse props and balloons
1 year old boy with a yellow tonka truck
little girl posing for her picture
little girl pretty in purple
1 year old girl posing for her pictures
little girl with frilly purple dress
little girl in pink dress sitting on white chair
little boy riding a antique car
1 year girl posing for her pictures
little girl with navy bow and simple white backdrop
in studio session in greene maine
1 year old boy in grey romper
1 year photo session in lewiston maine
boy posing with his teddy bear
boy and girl laying on their bellies posing
1 year old boy wearing a white romper
little girl posing for picture
little girl standing on a chair
1 year old looking into the camera
1 year twin girls wearing navy blue
toddler posing with mums and pumpkins
little boy picking apples
little boy wearing overalls painting a picture
boy posing by a brick backdrop
little girl sitting on stool with pinecone trees
chubby baby sitting on the floor
little girls clicking their lollipops together
two girls posing on big chair at rickers
little girl in the leaves
boy holding smiling holding fence
little boy leaning up against a fence
boy sitting in a basket
brother and sister sitting back to back having their picture taken
boy with his baby sister posing for a picture
little girl with red hair posing with her baby brother
boy and girl posing with their heads together
little girl with her baby brother holding hands
toddler in fancy purple dress
children photographer captures big sister with baby brother and sister sitting for their picture
children photographer
children photographer
children photographer
little one having her photo session in the lupine field
photo session with golden light in maine
toddler session
6 month session
studio session
children photography
beautiful blue eyes looking right at the camera